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(Subtle Cognitive Impairment Test) - Online cognition test

How to access the scit

Accessing the SCIT is easy. Each time you run the SCIT you will use up one pre-paid licence. All you need to do is decide the number of licences you would like to purchase.  

Please proceed to the check out and purchase as many licences as you need. You can top up your licences whenever you need to. Unused licences expire after 12 months.


cost of licences

Each SCIT licence costs AUD$12.00 (includes GST). You can purchase as many licences as you like. All purchases are made via a secure payment gateway.

Discounts apply for orders larger than 100 licences. 

To enquire, please contact us below.


Under (re)construction

Right now our programmers are working hard to provide a quicker and more stable version of the SCIT for you to enjoy. For the next few weeks it will not be possible to download or use the SCIT. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience and if you have any queries, please contact us below.

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