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Subtle Cognitive Impairment Test

Subtle Cognitive Impairment Test

Subtle Cognitive Impairment TestSubtle Cognitive Impairment TestSubtle Cognitive Impairment Test



SCIT an online cognition test, can be used by any anyone older than four years. This brief, computer-based test of brain health and function is suitable for clinical and personal use. 

SCIT is the culmination of 15 years of testing and refinement by psychologist Dr. Gregory Yelland and neuroscientist Prof. Stephen Robinson.  Scientific papers about SCIT have been published in top-ranked international journals after undergoing the rigorous scrutiny of peer-review. 

SCIT has been used in various clinical and community contexts, with several thousand individual tests being conducted to date. Children as young as 5 years old have been successfully tested, while the oldest participant tested so far was 92 years old. SCIT has been used at the bedside to test patients while they recover from surgery. It is particularly useful at detecting cognitive impairment associated with inflammatory bowel disorders.

SCIT runs on Windows-based PCs and Mac OS and is compatible with all common browsers but is unsuitable for mobile phones and tablets.