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Getting started with the SCIT

The SCIT System includes two applications: SCITWebApp and SCITApp.

The SCITWebApp is used for registering the user, purchasing the SCIT licences, downloading the SCIT software and documentation, and handling of the user-profiles. You can also login to the SCITApp from the SCITWebApp.

The SCITApp enables a registered user to run the SCIT test, manage their test data and review user-related information. Test data includes participant information test condition information, and test result data. The user-related information includes the user's registration information and the user's licence information.

Before installing and running the SCIT system

Before installing the SCIT software, please ensure that your computer meets the following MINIMUM requirements:

Login to the SCIT

A successfully registered user can login to the SCIT via two different approaches: web login for the SCITWebApp (Figure 1) and application login for the SCITApp (Figure 5).

Figure 1.
Figure 1. SCIT Web Application Login

Registering to use the SCIT

On the first time that you use the SCIT, you will have to register your username and password. To register, go to the SCITWebApp and select the Register link. Figure 2 shows the registration form. You will be asked to complete all fields in the registration form. Once your registration details has been validated, the login information will be sent to the email address provided.

Figure 2.
Figure 2. The SCIT Registration Form

Registering the SCIT Licence

A SCIT Licence is required to run a SCIT Test. To get a SCIT Licence, you will need to login to the SCITWebApp application, and then follow the link "Licence" to get the new licence (Figure 3).

Figure 3.
Figure 3. The SCIT Licence

If you forget your login information

If at a later time you forget your login information, you can make a request by following the link "request a New Password" in Figure 1. Two details must be provided for a successful request: your username and the email you have previously registered (Figure 4).

Figure 4.
Figure 4. The SCIT Password Request

The SCITApp provides two different login modes: online mode and offline mode.
If the user ticks the "Work offline" checkbox (in Figure 5), the system will access local machine data only. Conversely, if the user unchecks the "Work offline" checkbox, the system will talk to the remote database server for all data management. This is the recommended option, because reports cannot be generated when the SCITApp is operating in offline mode.

When you login to the SCITApp for the first time, it must be in the online mode. In this login, the program will automatically set up your computer so that the SCIT can run properly. This includes configuring your machine's display mode, refresh rate, millisecond timer and synchronized threading facilities. This process may take a few minutes. Each time after this, when you start the SCIT, the program will load these pre-installed configurations. If the program cannot load them, an automatic set up process will be performed again.

Figure 5.
Figure 5. The SCIT Application Login